Nahatlatch season will be a good one!

Josh, Cody and Will headed up to take a look at the snowpack yesterday.  There was a lot!  This season will be a good one for the Nahatlatch as far as we can see.

Chalmers Weekend!

We ended this week with our yearly traditional Chalmers school group visiting us for two days of trips to the museum, gold panning, cemetery visits and a float trip from Yale to Hope.

For many students this is their first time camping and for some their first time away from home. Spending time in nature, around a campfire and on the river gives many kids a close-up look at their natural environment and a chance to make connections with it. Visiting historical sites like the Yale Museum, the infamous late-night cemetery walk and crafting with our aboriginal neighbors, connects the kids with the history of the area.

Here’s a few shots from the trip!



Rambo Run (Coquihalla River)

This is it! what we have all been waiting for! The snow pack on the Coquihalla summit is finally melting. But what does it all mean? Well, it means awesome continuous white water for all of June, making it one of the best Coquihalla season we have had in a long time! BOOK NOW! Rambo would want you to…


Here is a quick run through ‘Committed’ rapid on the Coquihalla!