6 Reasons You Need to Paddle a Wild River This Summer


Looking for something fresh, something adventurous, something that you’ll reminisce about for years to come? 

Like it was written in the San Fransisco Chronicle: “The intensity of whitewater seems to double a person’s distance from jobs, freeways, home cities and workday responsibilities.  It sharpens all senses, hones your physicality, deepens your ability to fully inhabit a moment and take delight in the natural world.  More than simple immersion, whitewater offers literal baptism into an old, yet eternally fresh way of life.”  That being said, you should get a little whitewater rafting in your life this year.  Here’s 6 reasons why you should paddle BC’s best whitewater on the Nahatlatch river this summer:



#1 Health.

Fresh air, crisp mountain water and a little adrenaline rush. Paddle rafting is like an upper body workout while you’re riding down a white water rollercoaster of awesome.  Disconnect from  daily responsibilities of life and breath in the fresh mountain air, you’ll feel the difference immediately.


#2 Fun Factor.

Have you been rafting!?  It’s literally riding natures roller coaster! If you haven’t you’ll just have to come find out how it will truly be the highlight of your summer.

#3 Connection with our own backyard.

Put down the phone! It’s easier said then done. You might even forget how to work the thing after a weekend of adventuring here.  Reconnect with mother nature, deepen connections with old friends, make new ones, this is where it happens. 

#4 Insane Instagram-able opportunities.

Kind of hypocritical to say this, but pics or it didn’t happen! Every rafting trip is included with a photographer following you down snapping shots at the best spots. And all the photo’s are FREE at the end of the day!

#5 Driving distance.

BC’s best rafting experiences are done out of Yale, BC in the Fraser Canyon.  Yale is just 15 minutes beyond the town of Hope!  Or just 2 hours from downtown Vancouver, 2.5 from Kelowna, 2 from Kamloops.

#6 It’s Actually pretty affordable. 

For about the same price as a day pass skiing at Whistler, a full day rafting, including a delicious lunch, professional guide and all the equipment only sets you back $179!  Save 20% when you book online now! Use promo code PLNAHD2018 at checkout now!


There it is. For more information on how you can organize the best day or  weekend of your summer give us Fraser River Raft Expeditions a shout!