Welcome To Fraser River Raft Expeditions

The Fraser River is as unique and different as the people that have traveled it, from thousands of years ago to today. The reasons for and methods of travel may have changed but mostly the river stays the same.

At Fraser River Raft Expeditions we are proud to offer a variety of choices in expeditions down the Fraser and its tributaries. The river trips we offer vary from large volume rivers like the Mighty Fraser and Thompson to small volume such as the Nahatlatch and Coquihalla. Our rafts range from large powered rafts to the much smaller paddle rafts.

Whether you prefer to paddle the early season challenge of the Nahatlatch or Coquihalla rivers, hot summer fun on the Thompson or power rafting one of British Columbia’s most spectacular river corridors Fraser River Raft Expeditions has an expedition for you!

The Fraser River has seen captains and kings, millionaires and stagecoach robbers, empire builders, soldiers, dancehall girls and an uncounted company of gold miners who left their bones along its banks for a thousand miles. Yet nearly all of them are forgotten as if the river could not tolerate their fame.

--Bruce Hutchison, The Fraser